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Which portable oxygen concentrator is the best one?

C.H.F., Emphysema  and other respiratory patients are always looking for other portable oxygen concentrator reviews.  After all there are so many HEALTH-CAREPOC's on the market these days, how do you know which one is the right one for you?  Our award winning customer care department has the answers.

Call us today or compare portable oxygen concentrators and see reviews below with our portable oxygen comparison chart. 

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If you’ve been prescribed oxygen, you probably have plenty of questions on getting Portable Oxygen Concentrator review picturestarted – where do I get the tanks?, how big are they?, what about travel?, and how is this going to impact my regular activities?

Here at Vienna Medical, we represent every major manufacturer, so we can help you determine the machines and accessories that are best for you.
Here’s a basic introduction to portable oxygen tanks and portable oxygen concentrators, along with tips for travel.

What’s the difference between a portable oxygen tanks and a portable oxygen concentrator?
A portable oxygen tank supplies oxygen therapy to the patient at substantially higher concentrations than that of ambient air. These are the traditional tanks with up to 50’ of tubing. Home units are usually large, and patients are often given a smaller tank on wheels for use outside the home. These portable tank units must be refilled and the home oxygen concentrators are electrica..

Portable oxygen concentrators (or POCs) work on a similar principle, but they are much smaller in size and, therefore, increase mobility. In addition, portable oxygen concentrators are FAA-approved, enabling patients to travel by plane, train or ship. Since the POC makes oxygen (as opposed to storing it) there is no danger of running out and there are no refills, doctors appointments, and other inconvenient factors. These also run on batteries, DC power or with a car charger.

What will it be like living with oxygen?
The impact on your quality of life will be dependent upon many factors. But one of the major concerns is mobility. Because it is small and lightweight, the portable oxygen concentrator has proven to increase ease of normal activities like shopping and other outings.
Many people are unaware that you cannot travel by an FAA-regulated means with a portable oxygen tank. But thanks to the portable oxygen concentrator, this issue no longer prevents patients from enjoying cruises or flights of any duration.
Are all portable oxygen concentrators approved for airline travel?
FAA Regulations forbid boarding with personal oxygen tanks, including units which contain compressed or liquid oxygen, which are classified as hazardous materials.
Always check with your airline when booking travels for regulations concerning your specific flights and which portable oxygen concentrators are approved. Vienna Medical does offer direct links to most airlines here.

How do I know which portable oxygen concentrator (POC) machine is best for me?
Our staff knows just the right questions to ask to determine which of our machines will be the best fit for you. What will you be doing when you use it? Where will you be? Do you need it just for exertion or walking? Do you need it for sleep? The answers to these questions enable us to narrow the choices.
We start with your liter flow and your overall need for continuous oxygen. For example, the Eclipse, Invacare Solo, Devilbiss IGO and Oxlife will provide a continuous flow during sleep and during exertion.
If you’re looking for a smaller, lighter POC, our Lifechoice, Invacare XPO2, Inogen One G2, Precision EasyPulse and Drive Oxus Reliability provide a pulse dose or on-demand flow when the patient inhales. These portable oxygen concentrators are the newest generation of concentrators.
For sleep or to use in conjunction with a cpap machine you’ll probably need a continuous flow portable oxygen concentrator. However, the Lifechoice does offer a “sleep mode” which enables the unit to be 10 times more sensitive (this is also the only “pulse dose” POC which is FDA approved for sleep).
For exertion-only patients a lighter, smaller and more nimble “pulse dose” POC such as the Lifechoice, Invacare XPO2, Inogen One G2, Precision EasyPulse or Drive Oxus Reliability may be the optimum choice.
If you plan to fly with the unit, you’ll want to be sure your unit is FAA approved (although most of them are). You can visit our FAA regulations page for a full listing, or just give us a call. Also be aware that the FAA requires that you have 150% of your flight time in battery life. You can find the battery life of each unit at specific liter flows on the product specific pages.

What is my first step toward getting my portable oxygen concentrator?

Vienna Medical represents a wide variety of portable oxygen concentrators to fit every need, and they are available on a rental or purchase basis. The first step is to determine which POC will best suit your individual requirements. You should always consult your physician before making your choice – especially if it has to do with sleeping on a pulse dose machine like the Lifechoice. But most of our patients find it most helpful to discuss their needs with one of our respiratory specialists. Visit our portable oxygen concentrator page to see all of the units here or call our office at 1-800-489-8165 and we will help you find your way.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

IBC Lifechoice

Devilbiss Igo

Weight (lbs.) 4.9 19 9.7 17.9 10 6
Dimension (in.) HxWxD Height - 9.5", Width - 7.5" (at widest point), Depth 3.125" Height 15x Width 11x Depth 8 Height 12x Width 11x Depth 6 Height 19x Width 12x Depth 7 Height 12x Width 6x Depth 8.5 Height 10x Width 7x Depth 4
Volume (in.3)     792 1,596 612 900
Battery Life** (hrs.) 5 w/supplemental battery 2.4 on continuous 3 2.4 on continuous 4 2.5**
Cont. Settings (Lpm) Pulse only with "sleep mode" 0.5 - 3 Pulse only 0.5-3 Pulse only Pulse only
Pulse Settings 1-3 1-6 1 - 5 1 - 6 1 - 6 1 - 5
Pulse Output* (cc/min.)     300 320 300 460
Max Pulse Output* (cc/min.)     750 960 900 870
Noise (dBs) Less than 50 40 40 40-48 <55 45
FAA approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty (years) 5 3 2 3 3 5
Price $3999.95      
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ON Sale! Call today for your discount!

We will match any price! Call Today!

ON Sale! Call today for your discount!

We will match any price! Call Today!

ON Sale! Call today for your discount!

We will match any price! Call Today!

ON Sale! Call today for your discount!

We will match any price! Call Today!

ON Sale! Call today for your discount!

We will match any price! Call Today!

Weekly Rental $275 $275 $275 $275 N/A $275
Additional Battery Price $299.95 $399.95 $299.95 $379.95 $289.95 $349.95

*At setting 2, **Add 2.5 hours w/supp. battery.   


Rent a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Now!

lady on phoneWhich Portable Oxygen Is Best For Me? Which one do I need?   Renting the right portable oxygen concentrator depends on your needs.  Do you need oxygen for transport? Do you need oxygen for an airplane? Which Airline? Can you sleep with pulse dose or do you need continuous flow? Are you looking for the lightest weight? Do you need the highest pulse output? Do you know what you need?oxygen on lady in car

Call our Oxygen Experts Today!  Check Product details for approved airlines.  We rent and sell the Inogen One, Eclipse portable oxygen and Invacare XPO2 concentrators for airline, cruise and train travel. If you don't understand why you would choose a specific unit over another or have additional questions please call our customer care department at 1-800-489-8165.


Mr. Brian Wilkinslifechoice POC

"The LifeChoice Oxygen Concentrator Unit has been a godsend! I can't tell you how happy I am to have done business with your staff. They were so kind and really helped me understand the little differences between each of the units.  The LifeChoice is great for me because I can carry it as a backpack and not have anything hanging off my belt or have to pull it.  The Sleep mode allows me to sleep just fine and it is so easy to use! Thanks Vienna Medical for making this a wonderful experience!"

B.W. 2 liters/min  Florida

eclipseMrs. Donita Hawkins

I liked the Eclipse because I just wanted to make sure that I could switch over to the continuous setting if I needed to.  It was approved by my airline and I didn't mind pulling it with the wheels. My physician also wanted me to have the continuous setting while I was sleeping.  I use it all the time and great information from this dealer.  Highly recommend!!!

xpo2Mr Edward Conarck

My review is very good for this vendor.  They treated me very well and were very helpful in giving me the options of each machine.  As for the oxygen machine that I can take with me, I chose the Invacare XPO2 because I could carry it on my shoulder and with the extra battery I could go to the lodge meetings again and not worry about pulling a machine around or running out of oxygen like with my tanks.


Vienna Medical is great!  The best prices anywhere and what great customer service.  Barbara is a god send.  Bless you. 

For me the Inogen was the right choice.  The pulse output was good enough, so my doctor said, and I could fly almost any airline to see my family in Florida.  It is still pretty light and the weight is fine.  It also last pretty long with the extra battery. I am on 2 leaders and living life with COPD.  Thanks again guys!