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Handicap Equipment Rental - Orlando Florida to Daytona Beach or Shipped to your location.

Welcome to Orlando's source for handicap rental equipment! We have Cruise line approved medical equipment rental, Disney handicapped equipment rental and Orlando attractions wheelchair, electric scooter and oxygen equipment rentals.

"When we got to our Orlando hotel Vienna Medical had the rental scooter sitting in the room & ready for to use. We didn't need to rent a scooter or power chair in Orlando anywhere else or from the theme parks which were more expensive." Carol Straubs, Georgia

wheellchair rental orlandoNeed to rent a Scooter, Electric Wheelchair or Oxygen for  Disney, Orlando, a Cruise, Beach travel or airline? Call the Theme park medical equipment experts today!   We deliver to your door, to Disney, any theme park, to the airport or to your port of call.

Vienna Medical rents almost every piece of Medical equipment you see on our site. 

If you don't see it please call us. To rent a product click here to print out rental pricing and agreement or call 1-800-489-8165.  Fax completed form to 386-774-2441.

  • Standard Manual Wheelchair (with foot rests)                           
    $35.00  Weekly $70.00 Monthly
    dme rental florida                                   
  • Light Weight Manual Wheelchair  (with foot rests) Orlando wheelchair rental                 
    $45.00  Weekly $95.00 Monthly
    florida dme company                                
  • Heavy Duty, Manual Wheelchair  (with foot rests)                        
    $85.00   Weekly $170.00 Monthly
    handicap equipment                        
  • Transport Wheelchair - Orlando Transport Chair Rental                               
    $30.00   Weekly $65.00 Monthly
    florida medical supply
  • Transport Wheelchair - Heavy Duty - 400 lbs capacity
     $45.00  Weekly $75.00 Monthly

    hospital bed rental orlando

  • Elevating Leg Rest for wheelchair                                                  
    $5.00    Weekly $15.00 Monthly
    handicap rental                          
  • Power Wheelchairs & Scooters - Orlando Power Chair and Scooter Rental                                                 
    $159.95     Weekly $450.00 Monthly
    equipment for handicap people                    oxygen concentrator orlando  
  • Semi Electric Hospital Beds - Orlando Hospital Bed Rental                                                            
    N/A  Weekly $125.00 *see below  Monthly
    theme park rental                                         
  • Full Electric Hospital Beds                                       
    N/A  Weekly $175.00 *see below  Monthly
    disney handicap rental
  • Bariatric Hospital Bed - 600lbs capacity
  • $25/day - 14 day minimum $500/month

            disney handicap

  • Over the Bed tables - Orlando Hospital Bed Table Rental                                                                         
    $10.00   Weekly $35.00 Monthly
    orlando rental                          
  • Patient Lift (hydraulic)                                                  
    $58.00  Weekly $105.00 Monthly
    cane orlando                          
  • Patient Lift (electric)                                                           
    $75.00   Weekly $150.00  Monthly
    dme orlando                        
  • Stand up Lift (electric) - Orlando Patient Sara Lift Rental                                                         
    $225.00  Weekly $455.00 Monthly
    walker orlando                          
  • Oxygen Concentrators                                                
    $65.00   Weekly $140.00 Monthly    (Includes 1 -25ft tubing and 2 nasal cannulas)
    orlando oxygen rental                         
  • Refillable Oxygen Homefill system - Complete Package with concentrator and 2 tanks.   Rent Portable Oxygen Orlando                                          
    $110.00 Weekly $250 Monthly
    disney rental                         
  • 1 M6 Portable Oxygen Tank                                                        
    $22.00   Weekly $28.00 Monthly
    rent hospital bed orlando                          
  • E tank, regulator /Cart                                                                 
    $20.00 monthly (refills are $7.50)
    poc rental                          
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrators with 2 batteries                         
    $225/1st week $25/day after that **see below Call for monthly rental
    orlando florida handicap equipment                          
  • P.O.C.’s for existing Oxygen Patients                                            
    7 days at no charge – Daily rate after that  
    oxygen rental orlando                    
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator extra batteries                          
    $50.00/week and $8/Day after that  
    dme rental orlando                          
  • Nebulizer compressor                                                                     
    $6/day $30/monthly
    rent oxygen orlando                          
  • Cpap Machine with Heat humidifier (cpap unit only) Masks additional - please inquire.  Orlando CPAP Rental                                           
    $65 week  $150 monthly
    orlando wheelchair rental                  
  • Low Air Loss or Alternating Pressure mattresses - Group 2 Mattresses for Ulcer Therapy   *Setup Fee  - Orlando Wound Care Mattress / APM Rental
    $175/week                    $450/month
          poc rental
  • * There is an additional fee of $45.00.  This cost is for setup and breakdown of the equipment.
  • **Additional charges apply regarding the shipping to and from and will be added to the initial rental fee. Shipping charges may vary. 
  • A deposit equal to one month rental will be required for all products.  Deposit is refunded with non damaged return of product. 
DELIVERY (Round trip)
Mileage from the distribution center                                 RATE      
Within 15 miles of Debary (32713)                                  $45.00
15-25 miles                                                                         $55.00
25-35 miles                                                                         $65.00
35-45 miles                                                                         $75.00
45-65 miles           ($300 rental min.)                                $85.00  
65-85 miles           ($300 rental min.)                                $125.00
Use our city and zip code of Orange City, FL 32763

Call to get information on shipping charges. 1-800-489-8165