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Diabetic Shoes, Inserts and Socks

Diabetic? Be Sweet to Your Feet!     

Yes, diabetic shoes can help you PREVENT FOOT PROBLEMS!

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Orthofeet Mens Diabetic Shoes Orthofeet Womens Diabetic Shoes

OrthoFeet has used its expertise to integrate foot biomechanics and orthotics design in all of its shoes. The result, a customized orthotic, which provides precise support along with excellent cushioning. The combination of the orthotic support and the shoe’s other unique comfort features, such as relaxed fitting last, ergonomic sole, and soft padded lining, has resulted in an exceptional wearing experience and unsurpassed comfort. Now serving thousands of clients, let Vienna Medical assist you with getting your pair of Medicare or insurance covered Diabetic shoes anywhere in the country. Do you qualify for Medicare, Medicaid or insurance to cover you 100%? We hope so, click here to see if you qualify. If not, take advantage of our great prices on shoes.