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Cruise Line Oxygen

Discover how to Rent or buy Oxygen for Cruises in the safe and practical way! Do you know what your cruise ship traveling oxygen options are? You will now! 

You have found the internet's leading source for cruise line oxygen and detailed information on portable oxygen concentrators. We love to earn your business. Give us a try! 

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Oxygen for Cruises

Major Cruise Lines

Don't know which oxygen system is best for Cruise line oxygen travel? Click here for our comparison chart.  Breathe with freedom when you rent one of our small portable systems.  No need for oxygen tanks on your cruise! Get piece of mind during your entire trip with a cruise line approved travel oxygen machine.

2 Options to choose from!   1-800-489-8165

Option 1

Portable Oxygen Concentrator (Choose from 5 different models)

                                       Igo POC
Shipping - $75 (covers round trip)  Call toll free               1-800-489-8165.

Includes Concentrator, 2 batteries, A/C wall adapter/charger, Car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle and wheels, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind knowing you have one of the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market from one of the most reliable company's available.         RENT ME NOW!       BUY ME NOW

Option 2

1 Stationary Concentrator for your cabin and one XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Shipping - $175 (covers round trip)  Call toll free 1-800-489-8165.

Includes one Stationary 5 liter Concentrator, One EXPO2 portable concentrator, 2 rechargable batteries, A/C wall adapter/charger, Car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle and wheels, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind knowing you have one of the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market from one of the most reliable company's available.


  • Both items shipped to your home prior to trip.

  • Both items shipped to your cruise line.

  • Stationary shipped to cruise line and the portable concentrator shipped to your home prior to leaving.

Cruise Oxygen FAQ's

Vienna Medical offers Oxygen users several different options for your cruise line oxygen.  See Cruise LIne Oxygen Packages below.  Oxygen for your cruise vacation must be planned in advance and there are many questions to ask. 

  • Can I take my oxygen on a cruise? - Yes and No.  Most cruise lines allow you to bring your choice of oxygen machines or tanks but a few require you rent from their supplier.  See your cruise lines oxygen page from the links below.

  • Can I rent oxygen for my cruise vacation? - Yes, that is where we come in.  Our job is to provide you with the information about cruising with oxygen, supply you with the appropriate system and have it ready in your cabin when you arrive.

  • What is the best Oxygen System for a cruise ship?  Being mobile and having the most lightweight option for our customers is our goal. Which Cruise oxygen set up you choose depends on your individual situation and your cruise lines' rules and regulations regarding oxygen.  Just call us at 1-800-489-8165 and we can help you determine the best system for you.  There are many options and we will provide you with the most portable lightweight solution available.

  • What are cruise ship portable oxygen concentrators? Portable Oxygen concentrators are fairly new technology.  They provide the traveling oxygen patient with the ability to travel without pulling tanks around.  You can recharge the batteries for several hours of use, plug into the wall for stationary use or plug into a car's DC power (Cigarette lighter plug) in a vehicle.  See What is a portable oxygen concentrator link.




TIP OF THE WEEK!  Hello to everyone and thank you for making us "#1"!  We have been able to help so many of you with your travel oxygen needs and enjoy being able to assist in your decision process regarding your portable oxygen concentrator.  Which leads me to this weeks tip. 

When you call us we first want to determine what your going to be using the portable oxygen concentrator for.  There are more models than ever...some we like and some we don't and we have enough experience with them to make the proper recommendations for our customers.  So when you are shopping make sure you call us as our goal is to send you down the right path.  Of course we would love to earn your portable oxygen concentrator business but will help you no matter what.  Good luck with your selection and we hope you choose us! Thanks for visiting our site. Corey Shenk, C.O.O.

Cruise Line Oxygen Rules and Regulations by Cruise Line

It is recommended that you contact your cruise line regarding your oxygen.  In addition, you will need the necessary Cruise LIne Oxygen Therapy Authorization Form and other paperwork required to board the ship with your oxygen.  See your cruise company below for there individual requirements. 

Please contact us for more information.


Carnival Cruise Lines Oxygen/special needs guidelines

Guest using Oxygen and other breathing apparatus are responsible for traveling with their own supply of Oxygen and medications. Guest need to bring enough Oxygen to last the duration of the cruise, oxygen supply onboard the vessels are for emergency use only.

If you choose to hand carry your oxygen, packing oxygen cylinders and/or tanks in your luggage is strictly prohibited, as well as putting them through security x-ray machines. Please hand carry your oxygen machines (BiPAP, CPAP, Concentrator, Nebulizer, etc.) and not place them in your checked luggage.

The Medical Center is equipped with oxygen for emergency use ONLY. If you will require the use of oxygen during your cruise, you must arrange for an adequate supply to be delivered to the ship on your sailing date. (Likewise, all guests undergoing CAPD (Peritoneal Dialysis) must arrange for the delivery of solutions and supplies.) Please contact Guest Services once onboard for proper storage of your oxygen. All guests are responsible for the pickup and delivery of their oxygen. Please have your medical supply company contact us, otherwise port clearance may not be granted. It would be most helpful for you to carry with you a copy of your medical records (e.g., a list of your medical conditions, allergies, names and dosages of your medication, a copy of your EKG If applicable and the name and contact of your physician).


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Oxygen/Special Needs Guidelines

Guests with medical conditions that require the use of dialysis or oxygen should contact us to discuss policies and procedures for bringing the appropriate equipment onboard.

If you have another type of medical condition that has not been mentioned, please inquire about policies and procedures that may affect your cruise. Call us at (866) 592-7225 (voice), fax (954) 628-9622, send an e-mail to, or have your local travel agent or International Representative contact us.


Princess Cruise Line Oxygen / Special Needs guidelines

All types of oxygen are permitted onboard. Please notify us as to quantity, type and delivery schedule. Each vessel has a different storage policy; however, you will be able to keep some or all of your cylinders in the stateroom.

Princess makes every effort to accommodate our passengers with disabilities, but you can ensure a successful trip by working with us in advance.

Have your travel agent notify us of your wheelchair usage, special needs, and/or service animal before your voyage. Notices and requests must be made in writing and faxed to the Princess Access office at 661-284-4408 at least 30 days prior to sailing.

If you have questions about the program, please call the Princess Access office at 661-284-4521.

All Princess ships have wheelchair-accessible staterooms, but we highly recommend collapsible wheelchairs, as the widths of the stateroom doors vary. You may bring your own, or you can pre-reserve a wheelchair and have it and other medical equipment delivered to the ship by contacting Special Needs at Sea at 800-513-4515 (outside the US 954-585-0575) or by visiting Alternatively, you can contact CareVacations at 877-478-7827 or Some areas on some ships are not wheelchair accessible.

Passengers utilizing mobility devices with batteries are advised that the batteries must be a dry cell type, and must be stored and recharged in the stateroom. Mobility devices of any kind, like any other items, may not be left outside the stateroom. Because of staffing limitations, we recommend you be accompanied by someone who is physically able to assist you both onboard and onshore.

Travelers with disabilities should check in with the onboard Tour Office to ensure all shore excursions can accommodate them. Not all port facilities are accessible for those using mobility devices. Ports may be accessed by a variety of methods including a ramped gangway, a series of steps or by tender. In some cases, you may be able to access the tender, but the shoreside facility will not be accessible. Many ports of call use a mechanism known as a “stair climber” to assist passengers up and down the gangway. Passengers must transfer to a Princess wheelchair, which is connected to the stair climber and operated by the ship’s personnel. If you cannot transfer or your personal mobility device cannot be easily disembarked, you may be precluded from going ashore. With your safety and comfort in mind, the decision to permit or prohibit passengers from going ashore will be made on each occasion by the ship’s Captain, and the decision will be final. Ports that normally use tenders to access the shore are noted on the itinerary.


Holland America Cruise Lines Oxygen guidelines


Holland America Line does not discriminate against persons on the basis of disability and seeks, to the extent feasible, to accommodate guests with disabilities. Recognized by publications like the “Handicapped Travel Newsletter,” Holland America is at the forefront of the cruise industry in providing facilities and services to guests with disabilities. 

See complete information here in PDF format


Norwegian Cruise lines

As of 9/1/07, NCL has signed an exclusivity contract with an exclusive provider to be the sole supplier for oxygen and mobility services. They will be the only company allowed to deliver and supply all mobility aid equipment including standard (non-motorized) wheelchairs and electric equipment (scooters), oxygen equipment for use during the cruise or tours for guests who have pre-arranged the service with this company. Please note, liquid oxygen is not permitted on any NCL or NCLA vessel nor will be supplied by the vendor under any circumstance.

Major Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines 866-299-5698
Celebrity Cruise Lines 800-647-2251
Costa Cruise Line 800-445-8020 ex 5009
Crystal Cruise Line 800-804-1500
Cunard Cruise Line  800-728-6273
Disney Cruise Line 800-951-3532
Holland America  877-724-5425
Norwegian Cruise Line  866-234-7350 
Princess Cruise Line  800-774-6237
Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line  877-505-5370
Royal Caribbean  888-562-7625
Windstar Cruise Line 800-258-7245