If You’re Looking for Mobility Assistance Options to Make Life Easier, Browse Vienna Medical’s Selection of Auto Lifts, Lift Chairs, and Stand-Up Lifts

If you live with a mobility challenge, you’ve probably noticed that there are more and more products on the market to enhance your freedom while living with a physical disability or illness that requires you to use a wheelchair to get around. Today’s wheelchairs are lighter, faster, and some are customizable with gadgets and add-ons to fit your level of mobility. Accessories for wheelchair-bound or mobility challenged patients have also progressed and there are several products on the market that make it easier to become more mobile even if your physical limitations are severe. Vienna Medical stocks a variety of these accessories, including: Continue reading

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Vienna Medical Offers Stylish and Comfortable Diabetic Shoes for Men and Women

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ve likely learned that people with diabetes must pay special attention to their feet. Chronic low blood sugar, poor circulation, neuropathy, and excess weight can all be contributing factors to foot trauma which, if gone unnoticed due to peripheral nerve damage, can have lifelong consequences.

Diabetic shoes are often a necessity for patients with type I or II diabetes, but in the past that may have meant forgoing good taste in favor of your health. Vienna Medical carries a wide selection of men’s and women’s diabetic shoes in various styles and colors, proving that you don’t need to sacrifice style to save your feet! Continue reading

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Vienna Medical Offers Portable Oxygen Concentrators to Keep You Moving

In 2009, the FAA permitted and mandated the use of portable oxygen concentrators aboard commercial flights, provided the device has been approved for air travel.  For patients who require the use of oxygen on a daily basis, this means a whole new opportunity for travel has opened up.  People who previously had to travel via long car rides can now travel more quickly and easily to national – and even international – destinations.  The only caveat is that the portable oxygen concentrator must be approved by the FAA, and not all POCs meet this criteria.

Vienna Medical offers a wide selection FAA-approved of POCs for sale or rent. Continue reading

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Vienna Medical Offers a Range of Mobility Aids to Fit Every Need

Loss of mobility doesn’t have to mean a life spent sitting in your home.  If you’ve suffered an injury that makes it difficult or impossible for you to get around on your own, or if age has made prolonged periods of walking uncomfortable, there are a myriad of mobility aids to ensure that you continue to enjoy the activities you love.

“In providing medical equipment and supplies to seniors and the handicapped, Vienna Medical wants to make sure that our customers continue to live full lives in spite of their medical conditions or physical limitations.”

 We offer a wide variety of wheelchairs, power chairs, mobility scooters, walkers and canes to fit various needs. Continue reading

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