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Vienna Medical is a Medicare Certified Medical equipment company. We're honest, provide quality equipment and want to earn your business. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Do we accept your insurance? We hope so! - Click Here to find out. If you can’t find the information you are looking for here just Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Vienna Medical was born in 2001 to provide the highest quality equipment to elderly and handicapped patients. We are an authorized Invacare Service Center and provide a full line of medical equipment. Vienna Medical prides itself on outstanding service with a commitment to quality and follow up. With a two hour response time and a qualified staff to assist you, Vienna Medical continues to set the standard for our patients.

Owners, Richard and Corey Shenk have been in the Medical industry for a combined 30 years. This combination creates a team that can help our customers understand what their options are to help with patient compliance and create a more productive clinical outcome. In addition, we believe in community involvement and currently participate in many civic activities and groups.

Thank you for visiting us on the web as we look forward to serving your medical equipment needs.

Accepted Insurance

Vienna Medical works with most primary insurances.  Below you will find our main contracted insurance partners. In addition we are a proud member of VGM's Homelink.  This partnership enables Vienna Medical to provide ancillary medical equipment products to many additional insured patients.

Please Contact Us for prior authorization: 1-800-489-8165
Company Name
Plan Type
4 Most Health Network (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Admar/Med Network (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Alamed (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
America's PPO (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
American PPO (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Arkansas Managed Care Organization (AMCO) (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Arkansas Municipal League Health Benefit (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
ASU/Recovery Unlimited (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
BCE Emergis (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Beech Street (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Benefit Panel Services (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Carpenters Health & Welfare Trust S. Cal (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
CBCA, Inc.(medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Celtic Life (medical equipment/oxygen) MCO
CHN Solutions PPO (a division of Consolidated Services Group) (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Colorado Division of WC-special funds (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Comp1One (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Companion Group/Cerulean (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
CompCare Network/Key Risk Management (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
CompResults (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Concentra (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Corvel (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Deseret Mutual Insurance (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Devon Health Services (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
EK Health Services (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Encore Unlimited (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
EnvisionCare Alliance, Ltd. (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Erie Insurance (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Evolutions Healthcare Systems (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
FARA/F.A. Richard & Associates, Inc (medical equipment/oxygen). Group Health/Work Comp
First Allmerica/Hanover (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
First Choice Health Network (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
First Choice Health Plan of MS (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO/Work Comp
First Health (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
First Health (90 Insurance Clients) (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Focus (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Fremont Compensation (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Galaxy Health Network (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
GENEX Services, Inc. (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Global Excel Management (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Guardian (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Health Alliance (IA,IL) (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Health Choice of Alabama (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Health Coalition Partners (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Health Coalition Partners (PA,DE,NJ) Work Comp
HealthEOS (WI) Group Health/Work Comp
HealthSmart Preferred Care II, L.P. (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
HFN, Inc. (Healthcare Finest Network) Group Health/Work Comp
Industry Buying Group (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Intercare Network (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Intergroup (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Intergroup Health Plan (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Interplan Health Group/The Chandler Group (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Liberty Mutual (provider of medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Liberty Northwest (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp/Group Health
M. Joseph Medical (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
MeadowBrook Insurance Group (medical equipment/oxygen) Insurance
Med-Corp Southwe st (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Medical Resources in PA (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Mississippi Physicians Care Network (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Montana State Fund (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
Multiplan (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
NAMCI (North Alabama Managed Care, Inc.) (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
National HealthCare Alliance (NHA) (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
National Preferred Provider Network (NPPN) (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
NovaNet (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
NovaSys Health (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Pacific Health Alliance (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Paradigm Health Corp. (medical equipment/oxygen) Case Mgmt.
Pinnacol Assurance (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp
PPO Next (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
PPOM (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Prime Health Services (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
PrimeNet Inc. (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS) (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
ProAmerica Managed Care (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Quality Health Management in FL provider (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Rehabilitation Case Mgmt/Case (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
Select Care/Medica (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
SelectNET Plus (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
The Colorado Network (TCN) (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
TLC Advantage, L.L.C. (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health/Work Comp
TML Intergovern Employee Benefits (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Tricare/Healthnet (medical equipment/oxygen) Insurance
Trustmark Health Resources (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Up & Up - United Payers (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
USA MCO (medical equipment/oxygen) PPO
Wausau Insurance (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Western Health (medical equipment/oxygen) Group Health
Zurich-North America (medical equipment/oxygen) Work Comp

Thank you for visiting us on the web as we look forward to serving your medical equipment needs.

Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Medicare Supplier Standards

Below is a summary of the standards Medicare requires of home medical equipment providers. Our company meets or exceeds all of these standards.

  1. A supplier must be in compliance with all applicable Federal and State licensure and regulatory requirements.
  2. A supplier must provide complete and accurate information on the DMEPOS supplier application. Any changes to this information must be reported to the National Supplier Clearinghouse within 30 days.
  3. An authorized individual (one whose signature is binding) must sign the application for billing privileges.
  4. A supplier must fill orders from its own inventory, or must contract with other companies for the purchase of items necessary to fill the order. A supplier may not contract with any entity that is currently excluded from the Medicare program, any State health care programs, or from any other Federal procurement or non-procurement programs.
  5. A supplier must advise beneficiaries that they may rent or purchase inexpensive or routinely purchased durable medical equipment, and of the purchase option for capped rental equipment.
  6. A supplier must notify beneficiaries of warranty coverage and honor all warranties under applicable State law, and repair or replace free of charge Medicare covered items that are under warranty
  7. A supplier must maintain a physical facility on an appropriate site.
  8. A supplier must permit CMS (formerly HCFA), or its agents to conduct on-site inspections to ascertain the supplier’s compliance with these standards. The supplier location must be accessible to beneficiaries during reasonable business hours, and must maintain a visible and posted hours of operation.
  9. A supplier must maintain a primary business telephone listed under the name of the business in a local directory or a toll free number available through directory assistance. The exclusive use of a beeper, answering machine or cell phone is prohibited.
  10. A supplier must have comprehensive liability insurance in the amount of at least $300,000 that covers both the supplier’s place of business and all customer and employees of the supplier. If the supplier manufactures its own items, this insurance must also cover product liability and completed operations.
  11. A supplier must agree not to initiate telephone contact with beneficiaries, with a few exceptions allowed. This standard prohibits suppliers from calling beneficiaries in order to solicit new business.
  12. A supplier is responsible for delivery and must instruct beneficiaries on use of Medicare covered items, and maintain proof of delivery.
  13. A supplier must answer questions and respond to complaints of beneficiaries, and maintain documentation of such contacts.
  14. A supplier must maintain and replace at no charge or repair directly, or through a service contract with another company, Medicare-covered items it has rented to beneficiaries.
  15. A supplier must accept returns of substandard (less that full quality for the particular item) or unsuitable items (inappropriate for the beneficiary at the time it was fitted and rented or sold) from beneficiaries.
  16. A supplier must disclose these supplier standards to each beneficiary to whom it supplies a Medicare-covered item.
  17. A supplier must disclose to the government any person having ownership, financial, or control interest in the supplier.
  18. A supplier must not convey or reassign a supplier number, i.e., the supplier may not sell or allow another entity to use its Medicare billing number
  19. A supplier must have a complaint resolution protocol established to address beneficiary complaints that relate to these standards. A record of these complaints must be maintained at the physical facility.
  20. Complaint records must include: the name, address, telephone number, and health insurance claim number of the beneficiary, a summary of the complaint, and any actions taken to resolve it.
  21. A supplier must agree to furnish CMS (formerly HCFA) any information required by the Medicare statue and implementing regulations.