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Which Portable Oxygen Concentrators are approved for Airline Travel?

New Regulations protects Passengers Using Oxygen Devices on Airplanes

Effective May 13th of 2009 every US air carrier must permit the use of approved portable oxygen concentrator (POC) devices on all domestic and international flights. This is also true for foreign carriers but only on flights departing or returning to US soil.

A new ruling was instituted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in May this year requiring airlines to accept certain approved portable oxygen concentrators (POCís) aboard flights. The DOT will give airlines time to implement these changes until May 13, 2009. This rule will apply to U.S. air carriers worldwide and to foreign air carriers whose flights begin or end in the U.S. The Department of Transportation has not yet decided whether to require airlines to provide free in-flight medical oxygen to passengers.

Always check with your airline when booking travel to understand how and when these rules are being implemented. The Airline Oxygen Council of American web site ( lists various airlinesí policies regarding in-flight oxygen use and equipment.

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communicate with your Airline about the use of POCís.

According to the DOT ruling, passengers are expected to inform the air carrier about the intended use of POCís on board while making the flight reservation. Airlines in return are required to give passengers who declare their intention to use a POC aboard the following information:

1. Any requirements for advance check-in. Airlines may require travelers to notify the airline up to 48 hours in advance if the traveler wishes to use a device.
2. Any weight or size limits for devices to ensure they can be accommodated in the aircraft cabin.
3. Any labeling requirements to permit use on board. (In the future the FAA may require device manufacturers to label devices if they are FAA approved.)
4. Airlines may also require one hour advance check-in for flights. However, airlines may not deny boarding on a connecting flight because of this additional hour requirement.
5. Any requirements about contacting the airline regarding the maximum flight duration and battery capacity requirements.
6. The airline may require travelers to provide a statement from a physician stating that the passenger requires the use of a POC.
7. In the event the travel has connecting or codesharing flights, airlines must also inform travelers of any requirements of the other airlines or direct the passenger to contact that airline directly.
Batteries for POCís

The new DOT regulation contains specific directions in regards to batteries that are needed for POCs.

1. The airlines may require travelers to carry enough fully charged batteries required to operate their POC for at least 150 percent of the expected maximum flight duration. This includes the total duration of the flight from arrival at the gate including any possible delays that may occur during a flight.
2. If oxygen is provided by the air carrier the passenger is not required to carry batteries.
3. Boarding may be denied by the airline if the passenger does not carry enough, properly packed batteries. The airline must provide a written statement on why the airline refused to provide transportation within 10 days of the incident.
4. Airlines are not required to provide priority seating nor are they obliged to provide an opportunity for passengers to plug in their device. The DOT, however, encourages airlines to permit passengers to plug in their devices.

POCís approved by the FAA - As of 6/15/09

IBC LIfeChoice POC
Sequal Eclipse
Devilbiss IGO
Invacare XPo2
Invacare Solo
Inogen One
Inogen One G2
Delphi Central Air
AirSep FreeStyle
AirSep LifeStyle
Respironics EverGo

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Oxygen during Air Travel Ė More Information

Official document published by the Department of Transportation (DOT), docket number DOT-OST-2004-19482-1300 page 27629

Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Association

American Lung Association

Alpha-1 Foundation

Airline Oxygen Council of America

American Association for Respiratory Care

National Home Oxygen Patients Association

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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

IBC Lifechoice

Devilbiss Igo

Inogen One Sequal Eclipse Respironics Evergo Invacare XPO2
Weight (lbs.) 4.9 19 9.7 17.9 10 6
Dimension (in.) HxWxD Height - 9.5", Width - 7.5" (at widest point), Depth 3.125" Height 15x Width 11x Depth 8 Height 12x Width 11x Depth 6 Height 19x Width 12x Depth 7 Height 12x Width 6x Depth 8.5 Height 10x Width 7x Depth 4
Volume (in.3)     792 1,596 612 900
Battery Life** (hrs.) 5 w/

supplemental battery

2.4 on continuous 3 2.4 on continuous 4 2.5**
Cont. Settings (Lpm) Pulse only with "sleep mode" 0.5 - 3 Pulse only 0.5-3 Pulse only Pulse only
Pulse Settings 1-3 1-6 1 - 5 1 - 6 1 - 6 1 - 5
Pulse Output* (cc/min.)     300 320 300 460
Max Pulse Output* (cc/min.)     750 960 900 870
Noise (dBs) Less than 50 40 40 40-48 <55 45
FAA approved Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty (years) 5 3 2 3 3 5
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Weekly Rental $250 $250 $250 $250 N/A $250
Additional Battery Price $299.95 $399.95 $299.95 $379.95 $289.95 $349.95
*At setting 2, **Add 2.5 hours w/supp. battery.   


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Mrs. Donita Hawkins

I liked the Eclipse because I just wanted to make sure that I could switch over to the continuous setting if I needed to.  It was approved by my airline and I didn't mind pulling it with the wheels. My physician also wanted me to have the continuous setting while I was sleeping.  I use it all the time and great information from this dealer.  Highly recommend!!!

Mr Edward Conarck

My review is very good for this vendor.  They treated me very well and were very helpful in giving me the options of each machine.  As for the oxygen machine that I can take with me, I chose the Invacare XPO2 because I could carry it on my shoulder and with the extra battery I could go to the lodge meetings again and not worry about pulling a machine around or running out of oxygen like with my tanks.

Mrs Julia F. Chilfriedly

Vienna Medical is great!  The best prices anywhere and what great customer service.  Barbara is a god send.  Bless you. 

For me the Inogen was the right choice.  The pulse output was good enough, so my doctor said, and I could fly almost any airline to see my family in Florida.  It is still pretty light and the weight is fine.  It also last pretty long with the extra battery. I am on 2 leaders and living life with COPD.  Thanks again guys!

Mrs Jolie Anderson Johnson

Thank you so much for helping me see my grandkids.  I can travel without hesitation and trust my new Airsep machine.  I will recommend you and the Airsep to everyone.  You had the best price and the best service I could find!  You have no idea how much this has changed my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator details

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Includes The Eclipse, 2 batteries, A/C wall adapter/charger, car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle and wheels, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind. This unit is generally chosen by patients who need the options of a conserver setting (longer battery life) and up to 3 liters of continuous flow at a moments notice or for sleeping. The unit weighs 17lbs and pulls behind you like a rolling backpack. If offers up to 4 hours of battery life depending on settings.         RENT ME NOW!     BUY ME NOW

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Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentratordetails

Shipping extra and determined at time of rental. Call toll free 1-800-489-8165.

Includes Inogen One, 2 batteries, A/C wall adapter/charger, Car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle and wheels, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind knowing you have one of the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market from one of the most reliable company's available. The Inogen One has been a standard in the travel oxygen industry for some time and is currently recognized and approved by more airlines than other products.  It is also the smallest and lightest on the market making for easier mobility.  RENT ME NOW!       BUY ME NOW

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Invacare XPO2 Portable Oxygen Concentratordetails

Shipping extra and determined at time of rental. Call toll free 1-800-489-8165

Includes Invacare XPO2, 2 batteries (rental only), A/C wall adapter/charger, Car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind knowing you have one of the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market from one of the most reliable company's available. The new XPO2 is scheduled to be FAA approved in Sept. 08.  It is one of the lightest machines on the market and provides one of the highest pulse doses available.  RENT ME NOW!      

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detailsRespironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Shipping extra and determined at time of purchase. Call toll free 1-800-489-8165

Includes Respironics Evergo, 1 battery, A/C wall adapter/charger, Car power cord/charger, carrying case with handle, easy to use step by step instructions and piece of mind knowing you have one of the best portable oxygen concentrators on the market from one of the most reliable company's available. The Evergo is one of the lightest concentrators available, delivers a large pulse dose of oxygen and has the longest  battery life available with one extra battery.  Made by Phillips, a large and reputable company the unit offers 8 hours of battery life and is FAA approved. Approved by many airlines (see list here)

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Airline Consent Forms

Aerolineas Argentinas
Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air France
Air New Zealand
Air Tahiti Nui
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines
British Airways
Brussels Air
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Continental Airlines
Egypt Air
El Al
Emirates Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Horizon Air
Japan Airlines
Jet Blue
KLM Royal Dutch
Korean Airlines
Lan Airlines
Mexicana Airlines
Midwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Novair (Nova Airlines)
Polish Airlines LOT
Philippine Airlines
Saudi Arabian
Scandinavian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
South African Airways
Southwest Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Sun Country
Sunwing Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
Virgin America
Virgin Atlantic




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Inogen One approved airlines

Avianca Airlines oxygen                     Horizon Air oxygen
Air France oxygen                               Icelandair oxygen
Alaska Airlines oxygen                       Lufthansa oxygen
Allegiant Air oxygen                            Mango oxygen
All Nippon Airways oxygen                Midwest Airlines oxygen
Aloha Airlines oxygen                        Northwest Airlines oxygen
America West oxygen                        Qantas oxygen
American Airlines oxygen                 SAS Airlines oxygen
ATA Airlines oxygen                           Singapore Airlines oxygen  
Continental Airlines oxygen               South African Airways oxygen
Delta oxygen                                         Southwest oxygen
ExpressJet Airlines oxygen                Sun Country oxygen
Frontier oxygen                                    US Airways oxygen
Hawaiian Airlines oxygen                   WestJet Airlines oxygen



Currently, the following airlines allow the use of the Eclipse onboard their  aircraft:

  • Eclipse will fit under the seat in front of you. Your Eclipse will fit under any commercial airline seat.
  • It is not necessary to turn off your Eclipse during taxi, takeoff and landing if your physician's written statement requires you receive oxygen during these periods
Planning Your Flight - You must obtain a signed statement from your physician that includes:
PDF  Physician Statement Template (45 KB)
PDF  Security Statement (45 KB)
  • Your ability to see/hear alarms and respond appropriately
  • When oxygen use is necessary (all or a portion of the trip)
  • Maximum flow rate corresponding to the pressure in the cabin under normal operating conditions

APPROVED ECLIPSE AIRLINES - click on your airline to confirm information.




Amtrak oxygen


how to use a portable oxygen concentrator, which oxygen machine is best for me?  How do I know which portable oxygen to buy?  which portable oxygen is best?  Invacare portable oxygen for rent,  Invacare XPO2 oxygen for sale.


None at this time 8/08

Please check with each airlines' own web site, as well as their medical oxygen desk, for up-to-date information on the airlines' specific oxygen passenger requirements.



Air Travel with EverGo

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the Respironics EverGo portable oxygen concentrator for use aboard commercial airline flights. Because airline policies for traveling with an oxygen concentrator vary, patients need to check with their airlines before flying with EverGo.

EverGo is now approved for use on the following airlines:

Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air France
Air Iceland
AirTran Airways
Allegiant Air
American Airlines
American Eagle (American Airlines)
ASA - Atlantic Southeast (Delta)
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
Champion Air (NWA)
Chautauqua Airlines (Delta)
Colgan Air (Continental)
Comair (Delta)
Commut Air (Continental)
Continental Express (Continental)
Continental Micronesia (Continental)
Express Jet
Freedom Airlines (Delta)
Gulfstream International (Continental)
Iceland Air
Mesaba Airlines (NWA)
Midwest Connect
Northwest Airlines
Pinnacle Airlines (Delta)
Sinapore Air
Sun Country
SAS Airlines
Shuttle America (Delta)
US Airways
Virgin Atlantic
West Jet

Check back on this web page as the list of commercial airlines permitting EverGo portable oxygen concentrator continues to grow. 

Flying with Oxygen
Flying with supplemental oxygen equipment such as Respironics EverGo requires advance planning. You should check with your airline for their guidelines prior to your trip. For example, most airlines require patients to carry a prescription and a written statement from a physician allowing you to fly. Other guidelines may include:

  • Confirming travel arrangements with the airline 48 hours in advance

  • The ability to hear the portable oxygen concentrator alarms and see the alarm light indicators, to take the appropriate action in response to these warnings, or travel with a companion capable of doing so

  • Notifying the airline upon check-in, and the flight attendant upon boarding, that you plan on using a portable oxygen concentrator onboard the airplane

Many airlines have special assistance coordinators to help you through the process.

Other Air Travel Tips

  • Ask for an aisle seat near the restroom.

  • Drink fluids but avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks; they will make you feel bloated.

  • Be familiar with the latest airport security screening policies and plan for extra time for inspection of your EverGo.

Airsep Freestyle and Airsep Lifestyle Comparison


 Comparison of Portable oxygen concentrators can by found at Vienna Medical.  We highly recommend this sight for their ability to give the unbiased information on all portable oxygen machines.  They have a good price on portable oxygen systems and reviews. Evergo portable oxygen for rent the best price on the internet. Google for Google in.
All credit card transactions for services rendered, security deposits, bank wires, currency exchanges, shipping, mail, FedEx / Airborne / DHL / or other express mail services, administration fees, delivery, pickup and taxes (etc.) will be charged a non-refundable seven percent (7%) processing fee. Medical oxygen on sale.
Medical Oxygen is a prescription drug that is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration and foreign governments. Once a prescription for medical oxygen has been filled, dispensed and/or delivered it cannot be returned for a refund, credit or be used by anyone else, by United States and international law.

Oxygen Prescriptions are not legal outside of the United States and foreign prescriptions are not legal in the United States.

Oxygen when and where you need it. By renting an inogen one for flying, you receive a reliable device with continual medical and technical support. Reserve your system today, and we will ship the device to you via express delivery before you depart for your trip. Enjoy your vacation with a continual supply of oxygen, and return the product to us when you are finished!

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